Tasty Tunes 2024

April   april-line-up-5.pdf        

4th  Double Cherry Pie ♦  Syp n Slyde                                11th Rev & The Flying Flamingos   ♦   Syp n Slyde                        

18th Double Cherry Pie ♦ Syp n Slyde                                25th Trilogy ♦ Syp n Slyde 

May    may-line-up.pdf

2nd Double Cherry Pie ♦  2 Bros Coastal Cuisine                  9th  Rev & The Flying Flamingo     Beyond the Bayou     

16th Double Cherry Pie ♦   Backyard Cookout Dogs             23rd Trilogy ♦ Bad Eatz

30th Double Cherry Pie ♦  2 Bros Coastal Cuisine     


6th  Rev & The Flying Flamingo ♦ Beyond the Bayou          13th  Double Cherry Pie ♦ Beyond the Bayou 

20th  Trilogy ♦ Bad Eatz                                                  27th  Double Cherry Pie ♦ 2 Bros Coastal Cuisine


11th Double Cherry Pie ♦                                 18th    Rev & The Flying Flamingo  ♦   Bad Eatz 

25th Double Cherry Pie ♦                               


1st    Rev & The Flying Flamingo ♦                         8th  Double Cherry Pie ♦ 

15th  Trilogy ♦  Backyard Cookout Dogs                22nd Double Cherry Pie ♦ Lobster Dogs

29th  Now Cat ♦ 


5th    Double Cherry Pie  ♦                        12th Rev & The Flying Flamingos ♦ Backyard Cookout Dogs

19th  Double Cherry Pie  ♦ Lobster Dogs       26th Trilogy  


  3rd Double Cherry Pie   ♦  Backyard Cookout Dogs     10th Rev & The Flying Flamingos  ♦ 

17th Double Cherry Pie  ♦   Lobstr Dogs                      24th Double Cherry Pie ♦ 

Pool Parties 

Join us at our beach front pool for fun and games with MC Events and Entertainment.  

Music, Games and Giveaways

Memorial Day Pool Party

Saturday May 25th from Noon - 3:00PM 

Complimentary Hot Dogs and Soft Drinks 

Labor Day Pool Party 

Saturday August 31st from Noon - 3:00PM 

Complimentary Hot Dogs and Soft Drinks